Private Tutor Faqs


A woman and girl sitting at table with colored pencils.

You are under no obligation to continue the process unless you feel that Bright Tutoring is the perfect fit for you and your child.

The first meeting is exploratory; it is important that you, your child and your tutor have a chance to connect.

During this free initial meeting, we will discuss the specific needs of the student and set up a plan for success, making sure everyone is connecting well and working toward the same goal.

We look to our educators to decide how many hours a child may need. Much of this assessment will go on the first day we meet.

We treat each student individually; our tutors will work directly with your child’s teachers to review future projects and tests in order to develop a plan for success.

In some cases weekly tutoring hours may go up or down, depending on how your child is progressing or what they have going on the next week, but never without your approval.

On average, we find most of our clients fall into the 2 – 3 hour long sessions a week.

The length of time your child will require a private tutor is dependent upon the student’s need, abilities, and how far he or she is behind when we start working together.

On average, most of our clients tutor with our company four to six months. We work with you on a session to session basis; we require no contracts.

Our ultimate goal
is your child’s success!

The hourly rate starts at $60 and depends on the subject level and the grade level that is being tutored.

We also offer discounts if you buy a group of sessions in advance. Please contact us with your specific needs for more detail.

We will have you complete your parent packet, sent to you ahead of time for your review.

When you decide that Bright Tutoring is a great fit, we will collect a $50 registration fee.
All billing is done at the beginning of the month for the previous month’s services via your provided email.

Bright tutors are extraordinary! We have extremely high confidence in them, and they are rigorously screened.

Our tutors are local certified teachers or experts in their field; many have Masters Degrees or above and are reference-checked. Most importantly, Bright tutors have an engaging and motivating spirit!

On occasion, the hustle and bustle of family life does not equal an ideal learning environment.

Our tutors are happy to meet at a local library or recreation center, as long as it is a safe and quiet place for everyone.

We require that an adult chaperon be present for all tutoring sessions for children under the age of 18.

We custom fit each tutor with your child’s specific needs and keep in touch with you throughout the process in case any fine tuning is needed.

Bright Tutoring has multiple tutors that have experience working with multiple age groups of siblings in the home school environment. The owner of Bright Tutoring, Shannon Nichols, has her Masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction and is readily available to create a personalized, handmade educational program that is best fit for your child/ children to best suit their academic needs.

Any educational testing is done on a case by case basis. We have a handful of expert companies that we can recommend to you for this testing, and you can pick the best fit for your child.

We do not require testing to get started.