After determining your child’s unique needs, our educators build a custom-tailored curriculum and develop an individualized teaching style  to suit your child.

Our customized approach is exactly what children today need.

We will work hand-in-hand with you, your child, and their teachers to create positive energy and funnel it toward a common goal: the success of your child.

Our tutoring programs are personalized for children who need after school homework help, tutoring for SAT and other exams, or just the motivation and skills needed to succeed in the classroom and beyond.

Our core values

Surround Our Clients with Exceptionally
Bright and Innovative Educators

This is our favorite part of the job. Our family has been in the education industry for over 30 years. We have access to the teachers who exude passion, here to make a positive impact on children, dig under the initial concerns and motivate above and beyond.

Empower our Clients with Opportunity and Presence

We step in and clear away the stress. We allow you to take back your job as parent and give us the job of mentor and homework helper. Our families are busier than ever and we are here to help.

You can count on us to answer the phone, stop by as needed, change things up if necessary. Families count on us year after year. We are not a franchise, we are here to help, because it is our passion.

Go Above and Beyond for All

We are not a one size fits all; you can call, text or email as necessary and you can count
on a quick and human response from us.

Positively Impact Students in the Community

We love to give back and sponsor educational groups wherever we can. We believe teachers are true heroes and our staff is like family to us. You will not find one tutor on our team who we would not utilize for our own children at home. This is a promise!

Live, Laugh and Learn Brightly Everyday

At Bright Tutoring we LOVE to learn. Whether it is a fun class online or reading with our own children, we believe life is an adventure and learning is what makes it fun.

At Bright Tutoring we take much pride in helping out families, even if that means referring them on to a better fit.

We believe the wise never stop learning and love to share this philosophy with our students.